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Meet Glenn Sigurdson: Watch this video and let Glenn take you through exciting new updates and changes to the site.

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Glenn is the founder and chair of the GEMM (Global Energy Minerals and Markets) Dialogue.

Glenn’s career has taken him to many places across Canada and around the world. An interesting way of quickly understanding the breadth and diversity of the work he has undertaken is to click here to visit a map that overviews some illustrative career highlights.

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Welcome to Glenn Sigurdson



Glenn Sigurdson works in the middle of difficult discussions in complicated situations among or within organizations. He helps participants explore the possibility of working together, and how they might do so in the most effective way with clear expectations about the purpose, roles and responsibilities, and procedures. Sometimes the intended outcome may be simply to begin talking to get to know each other better, other times it is to share information, but typically it is to try to reach explicit agreements. For those with authority based mandates, there is an opportunity to explore how best to discharge their responsibilities in ways that will enjoy the support of those affected by them.


Depth Of Experience:

Sometimes the challenge is to build relationships across diverse values and interests with very different views about building a project or implementing a policy, whether building a mine, or conducting a fishery, or developing a sustainability plan for a region. Other times, it is working across divisions within a company to build a vision or develop an operational plan. Glenn brings a proven track record based on a unique body of experience, which enables him to creatively shape the principles and tools he uses to particular needs and situations.


Collaborative Outcomes:

Participants who own the process will own the outcome. Shared ownership brings with it a shared commitment to do what people say they will do, more so than if told what to do. That is the pragmatic goal against which Glenn measures success. He puts his insights and experience to work helping people see how they can make differences work for them, not against them, and that this is what it takes to make a difference.


Relationships are Assets:

In summary, Glenn leads without owning, measuring his success by the extent to which those who own the problem develop their own solutions and those with dreams and aspirations create their own vision as to how to fulfill them. The foundation of all this work is building effective working relationships and that participants realize their value. Click here for details of a course Glenn teaches on Turning Relationships Into Assets