Dispute Resolution

Representative Assignments and Activities Involving Multiple Parties Include:
Mediated longstanding and deeply acrimonious dispute involving complex commercial arrangements and intellectual property issues between two public companies and individual parties.

Mediated complex business issues involving a failed joint venture relationship with multiple parties.

Mediated complex issues with respect to waterfront redevelopment including habitat protection and restoration, and contamination. Negotiated resolution of numerous major personal injury cases, and multi-party civil litigation including the comprehensive settlement in 1986 of the mercury pollution issues in the nationally profiled case involving the English-Wabigoon River in Northwestern Ontario and the communities of Whitedog and Grassy Narrows.

Reached resolution with major corporate players and regulatory interests to bring into development a major urban development site.

Mediation, and facilitation of issues arising out of contaminated sites, with multiple parties, within and outside of a litigation setting.

Mediated the resolution of issues arising out of a major receivership with multiple parties.

Mediation of a wide range of personal injury and commercial disputes.
Representative Assignments and Activities as an Arbitrator and Mediator Include:
Extensive experience as a labour relations arbitrator and mediator since 1980.

Experience in facilitating workplace change initiatives; Senior Vice-Chair Manitoba Labour Board (1980-89; part time); and as dispute resolution consultant to the BC Labour Relations Board (1997).

Initiated and gave leadership as President of SPIDR (now ACR) to the development of a widely recognized and applied set of principles and protocols – ADR in the Workplace – in use by major U.S. federal agencies and published by Cornell University.

Assignments in a wide range of organizational settings – including as representative on behalf of professional medical association in the first arbitrations under the Canadian Medical System to determine the physicians schedule of fees.
Complex Mediation over 18 months which brought about the settlement of major ongoing pay equity litigation before the Human Rights Tribunal of Canada involving over 1000 employees, a multinational telecommunications company, an international union, and the Human Rights Commission of Canada